50’s and 70’s

Our story is written on wood, on that oak, maple or acacia wood one may discover having a country vacation on our gently gliding Tuscan hills.

In the 50’s, after the Second World War, a young man with an exotic name, Aladino Panchetti, started working at the age of 14 in a small carpenter’s workshop. Although travelling at those times was not so cozy and fast as it is nowadays, Aladino would work with promptness, developing his manual, professional and entrepreneurial skills in a genial athmosphere: Vinci, Leonardo’s hometown.

In 1974 he began a solo career in the world of wood craftsmanship, opening his own business (furniture production and restoration): ALPA di Aladino Panchetti.

80’s and 90’s

ALPA increased production and incomings, becoming a relevant Tuscan SMB. In 1992 Pier Luigi, Aladino’s son, joined the business: the company changed name in ALPA di Panchetti Aladino e Pierluigi. Some of the services offered were the creation of wood frames, wood marquetry, and staining.


A new challenge would await the company: the great financial crisis, right after 9/11 events. Pier Luigi’s wife, Lorena Alderotti, joined the team, with accounting tasks.
Since then, ALPA has faced several changes in terms of structure, facilities and products, but the spirit that aimed and moved Aladino in starting this story has remained the same.


“Wood is a live material: it will move, change color and speak till the end of its life”

Aladino Panchetti