Who we are

The company is managed by Pier Luigi Panchetti (C.E.O. and Production Manager) and Lorena Alderotti (Accounting Manager).
The Headquarters are located in Gambassi Terme.

Alpa Florence parquet
What we do

In Wood We Trust! ALPA launched its own brand, ALPA PARQUET. By doing so, we want to set out a new concept in living wood at home. For wood is a live material, as Aladino says, it must be lived and kept in a certain way.
Our company produces wood floorings and wood walls.

Wood Floorings

Choose the type of wood you prefer, from our catalogue. Give your house a warm and classy touch. The floor you choose can be coated or treated. We provide custom design flooring.

Wood Walls

Why not wrap your walls in wood? Here we are! You can have your favourite wood on the walls of your house. Wooden panels can be customized according to your wishes (e.g. inlay, marquetry, serigraphy, and so on).

How we do it
  • Quality Production: the wood we use comes from Europe and North America
  • Low-Impact Production: we don’t use materials that provide environmental pollution
  • Healthy Production: we don’t use low-quality or toxic paintings, that may cause health problems to our employees or to our clients.